Kalo kamu pikir langit itu biru (cerah penuh awan), kamu hanya melihatnya sedikit. Langit itu pekat dan gelap, dan bagiku indah. Langit itu luas menebas jarak, dan bagiku mengagumkan. E.H

Friday, November 22, 2013


This is my first posting with English version, hhihi I know my English so bad, you (reader) can correct me if I make a mistake in grammar or spelling :)
Now I want to share about my dream travelling..
I have purchased this book some time ago, THE JILBAB TRAVELER written by Asma Nadia, dkk.. I'm so happy ^__^ this book come so quickly.. And you know, I really loved this author.. So I've asked her for giving me some message and a signature on her other books ^__^

That book tells about the journey of the Muslimah in various countries, it's so amazing.. And it made me have a dream, that one day I would go there.. Every detail of they are going through is telling in that book, and it makes me more interested..
I made a list of countries that I want to visit, hehe Mecca, Japan, Korea, Germany, Netherlands..
aah, I have to try and make the dream come true.. yeaaii!! ^__^

ah udah ah, balelol nulis bahasa Inggris juga.. ckckck semangat, ki.. belajar teruus wkwkwk


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